Over the Rainbow and into the Black

Posted: Jan 07 2015

Nothing is more powerful and elegant than a woman in a black dress. When a woman chooses the color black, she chooses to show her power, professionalism and her class.

While black is considered the absence of color, it is the perfect canvas for one or many hues. Adding colors to black can be very fun, flirty and eye-catching. Ravishing reds, turquoise, and oranges are just a few of many colors that look great on the colorless backdrop.

You can never go wrong with the color black and this is why we love this Flirty Hi-Lo Black Tent Dress. This dress is very light, airy and exciting. It can be worn at almost any occasion day or night. There is no better way to accessorize this look than to use many colors of the rainbow!

For the Summer/Spring the carnival look is sure to turn heads. Multiple colors are very eye-catching. We added the colorful chandelier earrings for their beauty. They are best worn when the hair is up.

The colorful shoes are a must have for those late night dances and or those early day café stops. Wearing the multi-hued shoes are share in drawing attention but does not take away from the style of the dress.

Color blocking is a trend that seems to be here to stay for the year 2015 so we finalized the look with a color block shoulder bag that matches everything to the T.

This is a look that will never go out of style. What do you think? Is this a look that you would wear? Be sure to check out the dress in colors red and blue. These colors are amazing also!

~Fashionably Yours,

Love Harpery xx

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