Chai Tea or Coffee with Me

Posted: Jan 13 2015

Cheers Fashion Huntresses,

What do you wear to a wedding? How about an afternoon tea? Have you been looking for a fresh new look for the office? Well, we have the perfect dress for you!

The Chicihi Abstract Scoop Neck Sun Dress should be in every girl’s closet because it is so versatile. We have several ways that this dress can be worn but there are two that we love the most.

The Office: It can be perfectly worn in an office setting by adding a stylish blazer. Adding a few pearls in the ears and around the neck creates a persona of a woman that should and can be taken seriously.

A Wedding: At a wedding affair, this dress is a very comfortable and fashionable style that will keep your looking classy and sophisticated. Add a fancy hat, black sandals, and pearls to show that you have a lot of style without showing up the beautiful bride and her wedding party.

Drinking Tea: On a cool summer mid-morning, meet your friends at your favorite café. When they see you in this dress they will be more than impressed. The best accessories are a pair of single strap sandals on well-manicured toes and a gorgeous bright colored turquoise cross body clutch to highlight the color in the dress. Having tea never looked so good!

This dress is surely a fashionista must-have. What do you think of the dress? Is this something that you would wear? Where would you wear it?

~Fashionably Yours,

Love Harpery xx

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