The Romping Flower Girl

Posted: Jan 20 2015

Cheers Fashion Huntresses:

Once again, the fashion trend that young women lover for the summer are rompers? The one piece sensation that is usually known to be worn by children will now be the go-to-piece for women who want to look casual and chic during the summer.

The romper has been an in vogue since 2009. Rompers come in many styles and a variety of colors and designs, but we instantly had a crush on the floral prints. Floral prints come multi-colored and add a great amount of femininity and chicness to a look especially with the right accessories.

We are excited to bring you the Floral Print V-neck Belted Romper because of the plunging neck line, the clean and crisp look, and the fit is sensational!

There are many ways to wear it but we think that a pair of patent leather Mary Jane’s add a little cute to your chic. We also love the idea of mixing floral so we added this floral handbag which gives it a lot of panache.

You can also add a blazer black blazer and wear it in the evening for fashionable finesse.

No matter how you wear it, this romper is definitely an eye popper!

What do you think of the romper trend? Will you be wearing? Be sure to catch the fashion fast because this fad is in high demand!

~Fashionably Yours,

Love Harpery xx

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