Posted: Sep 22 2015

The floral trend has once again bloomed on the New York Fashion Week Runway, and we once again love the way it looks! The reoccurring style is the beautiful floral!                                                                                       

The floral style seems to be a favorite amongst fashion designers yearlong due to its versatility and girly nature. Everyone seems to want to get a touch of nature with this sweet looking trend that has appeared on many celebrities including red carpet sensation, Lupita N’yongo.

We were swooned by the way that New York Life displayed their homage to flowers at their show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 collection.

The delicate floral trend instantly makes any woman look sweet and darling. Being found in everything from hats to sneakers, flowers are a trend that will never go out of style.

Another bonus to the floral trend is that there is no template style for the flowers so there is a great amount of variety to capture your eyes! From large print to small print all the way to 3d flower effects, this is a great look for both the spring and even a great reminder of better weather in the Fall.

The Little Bonita Off the Shoulder Floral Mini Dress is a great example of the fun you can have with floral print. The off the shoulder style is trendy and completely complimenting to your beauty. Wear with chic pumps and statement earrings for an amazing date night look!

The Chic Flirty Floral Day Dress is a classic example of how floral print looks amazing in every cut and design. We love the vintage inspiration of this look and the halter dress effect. We suggest adding pearl accessories for an effortless pinup look!

We think this trend is so adorable so be sure to wear this season!

How do you wear your floral?

Be sure to catch the fashion before its gone!

~Fashionably Yours,

Love Harpery xx

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