About Us

Harpery is the latest and most exciting Australian online destination for women who are very stylish and always setting trends in fashion.

Officially launched in May 2014, Harpery is passionate about introducing women and children’s clothing that speaks to the swanky fashion huntress.

Each item is carefully selected by our talented team of Fashion Buyers who have a very keen eye for up-to-the-minute fashion and takes great consideration of selecting high quality clothing that not only looks amazing, but is also very affordable. 

Quite often, Harpery will add an array of exclusive items to its inventory, ensuring each customer finds something totally representative of their special taste in fashion. Whether you’re a risk taking Fashionista or one with a preference for all things minimal, you will find the look you want at Harpery.

When shopping with Harpery, you must “Catch the Fashion”! As fashion is forever changing so does our inventory as we refresh our products to match the latest seasonal trends.

Harpery is excited to be the new fashion medium for all things en vogue and putting you in the “know” about new arrivals, upcoming events, and really amazing collaborations with other online stores. 

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